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Module Fixed Income

The Fixed Income module from FinLabs offers you a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of bond markets and develop specialized skills in the field of fixed income instruments. Here’s how our program will help you take advantage of the benefits offered by this attractive and relevant module:

In-depth understanding of bond markets and different categories of fixed income instruments.

Dive into the complex world of bond markets and develop a comprehensive understanding of different bond categories.

Learn the issuance, valuation, and trading mechanisms of bonds using advanced bond pricing tools developed by FinLabs.

Development of risk assessment and bond portfolio management skills.

Acquire essential skills to assess risks associated with bonds, including interest rate, liquidity, and credit risks.

Explore advanced techniques in yield curve analysis and asset and liability management (ALM) risk management applied to bond portfolios.

 Real-time trading simulation in the bond market, including Inter SVT and SVT Investors.

Experience trading and managing bond portfolios in a simulation environment developed by FinLabs.

Apply investment strategies using interest rate trend forecasts and evaluate the impact of yield curve variations on trading portfolios.

Advanced management of bond portfolios in terms of duration, sensitivity, and sensitivity risk limits.

Learn to actively manage trading and investment portfolios using sophisticated risk management and reporting tools.

Analyze the results and performance of bond portfolios, considering key indicators such as yield, duration, and convexity.

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