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Welcome to the world of FinLabs, your all-in-one virtual trading floor.

Unleashing the Power of Virtual Trading

A Fusion of Financial Modules for an Immersive Trading Experience

Welcome to the world of FinLabs, your all-in-one virtual trading floor. Immerse yourself in an environment where the various activities of the trading desks blend together to create an immersive and interconnected experience. Discover how our modules, such as FX Spot, Money Market, FX Forward, FX SWAP, and Fixed Income, interact to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the activities practiced in a real-world trading floor.

In the world of FinLabs, these desks interact harmoniously, enabling information and trade flows between the different modules. For example, transactions executed on the FX desk can impact the investment strategies of the Money Market desk, while positions taken on the Fixed Income desk may be influenced by currency fluctuations on the FX desk. This interconnectedness between the desks creates a realistic and stimulating experience, simulating the functioning of a real trading floor.

FX (Foreign Exchange)

The FX desk allows you to access the foreign exchange market and trade different currencies. You can monitor real-time exchange rates, execute transactions, and manage risks associated with currency fluctuations. The activities of the FX desk are closely linked to those of the other trading desks. (More details on our FX Spot program).

Money Market

The Money Market desk provides access to the market where short-term financial instruments such as Treasury bills, certificates of deposit, and refinancing operations are traded. You can analyze interest rates, pricing mechanisms, and develop short-term investment strategies. (More details on our Money Market program).

FX Forward

The FX Forward desk allows you to explore currency futures contracts. You can learn how to effectively manage exchange rate risk using these instruments. Through realistic simulations, you can practice speculation and hedging in the futures markets. (More details on our FX Forward program).


The FX SWAP desk provides an in-depth understanding of this hedging technique. You will learn how to evaluate and negotiate currency SWAPs, which allow for simultaneous exchange of one currency for another and agreeing to exchange them back at a later date. This activity offers increased flexibility in managing exchange rate risks. (More details on our FX SWAP program).

Fixed Income

The Fixed Income desk focuses on the bond markets. You will explore different categories of fixed income instruments such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and asset-backed securities. You will learn about the issuance, valuation, and trading mechanisms of bonds while developing skills in bond portfolio management. (More details on our Fixed Income program).


The BourseGame is a realistic simulation of financial markets where participants can put their knowledge and skills in trading, investment, and risk management into practice. It is an interactive platform that recreates the environment of a real trading floor, allowing participants to make strategic decisions and experience the excitement and challenges of real trading.

Join us now and dive into this unique virtual space where the activities of the trading desks blend together to offer you a comprehensive and immersive experience in the world of finance.

eBourseGame de FinLabs

Welcome to our FinLabs eBourseGame, an immersive experience that plunges you into the exciting world of financial markets. Discover how our concept of BourseGame on Foreign Exchange (FX) and Fixed Income provides numerous benefits to Business Schools, banks, and companies by enabling the participation of students and professionals in the markets and related fields.

FX Module

  • Complete immersion in the exciting world of currency trading and foreign exchange markets
  • Acquisition of in-depth expertise in trading strategies and technical analysis of currencies
  • Mastery of tools and techniques for managing risks associated with exchange rate fluctuations

Money Market Module

  • In-depth exploration of the functioning of the money market and its key players.
  • Discover the mechanisms that govern the money market and the various actors involved.
  • Understand the relationships between banks, financial institutions, and governments in this crucial market.

FX Forward Module

  • Mastery of currency forward contracts and their use as foreign exchange risk management tools.
  • Learn to evaluate, price, and utilize forward contracts to protect businesses against exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Understand the advantages and risks associated with using forward contracts in exchange risk management.

Module FX Swap

The FX Swap module from FinLabs offers you a unique opportunity to learn and master the technique of hedging foreign exchange risk through currency swaps. Here’s how FinLabs will help you develop your skills and take advantage of the benefits offered by this technique.

Module Fixed Income

The Fixed Income module from FinLabs offers you a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of bond markets and develop specialized skills in the field of fixed income instruments. Here’s how our program will help you take advantage of the benefits offered by this attractive and relevant module:

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